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Music Cabinet I Radio Cabinet

*** DIY Radio Cabinet ***

A beautiful, second-hand music cabinet that has been lovingly refurbished and embellished by hand. (before picture see gallery)
Honoring her Mid Century Modern style, she has been given a matching contemporary design on the top, while black accents accentuate her lines. All surfaces have been sealed so that the wood grain appears in a new and fresh shine.
The built-in radio and record player are original and work perfectly.
This beautiful piece of furniture is now looking for a new home.

↠ Colour: 'Coal Black' from Fusion Mineral Paint
↠ Sealing: 1K multi-seal clear coat semi-gloss

↠ Material: veneer and solid wood ↠ refurbished with love by me

↠ Height: 75 cm
↠ Width: 100 cm
↠ Depth: 37 cm


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions before purchasing an item! Have fun browsing :)

Music Cabinet I Radio Cabinet

  • ↠ Height: 75 cm
    ↠ Width: 100 cm
    ↠ Depth: 37 cm

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